Your New Plant is Here! Now What?

Congratulations on your new Ansel & Ivy plant! Now that she’s arrived, follow our tips on how to correctly unpack her and get her settled in.

Unbox ASAP

Once your package is delivered be sure to bring it indoors and open it as soon as possible. Start by making sure the package is standing upright in accordance with the instructions on the outside of the box. When removing the plant from the box, gently slide the plant out as not to tear any leaves.

Unpack The Plant

You’ll notice that plastic wrap is used to protect the ceramic pot and the plant’s soil during transportation. Once she’s out of the box you can gently unwrap both the pot and plant. A pair of clean scissors may be helpful here.

Learn How to Care for Her

Each plant variety is unique and therefore has different watering, lighting, and general care needs. You can look up your plant’s individual care guide here to understand what your plant will need. We recommend bookmarking it so you can access it regularly!

Check Watering Needs

Now that you have your plant’s care guide pulled up, check to see how much hydration she prefers. Depending on where you live and how far your plant has traveled, your plant may need to be watered upon arrival. Alternatively, she may still be well hydrated or may prefer dryer soil. As always, be sure to feel the plant’s soil before watering. 

Find That Good Lighting 

After your plant’s long journey she will need some natural light. Check your plant care guide to better understand what type of lighting conditions your plant prefers. Based on this you can find a spot for her in your space where she will really thrive.

Clean and Trim 

We work hard to prepare your plant for a long and sometimes tough journey. Along the way, your plant may have experienced some bumps or bruises. Once she’s in her new home, take some time to examine her leaves and prune any leaves that might have been damaged. Be sure to use a sterile pair of scissors or blade when trimming and trim any damaged leaves at the base of the stem. Next, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe down her leaves so she’s clean and ready to take in some sunshine. 

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that new plants need a few days to adapt to their new environment , but they are very resilient! With a little bit of care, your plant will look as good as she did when she left our greenhouse. 

Style and Share

Here’s the fun part! Your plant baby is ready to be displayed in your space. Need some plant styling inspiration? See how our community styles their plants and be sure to follow us on Instagram for tips and ideas. We’d love to see how you styled your new Ansel & Ivy plant in your space, so be sure to tag us @anselandivy if you share your new plant baby on Instagram. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

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