Working From Home Tips

With the growing uncertainty around the coronavirus, many of us are opting to work from home, which may come as a change to your daily routine. By following a few best practices, you’ll be able to adjust to this new norm and still be just as productive as going into your office. Here are a few helpful tips on how to make the most of your WFH life.

Have a routine and set hours

Just because you’re not physically going into your office right now doesn’t mean you should skip your morning routine. It’s important to wake up at the same time you normally do, shower, and change into something that’s not your pajamas. It may sound trivial, but this helps you mentally prepare for the day ahead. Same goes for the backend of your day. Try to work your way into a schedule in which you power down at a similar time everyday so you avoid being “on-call”. 

Create a dedicated workspace 

Avoid the temptation to work from your bed or couch. It’s important to have a designated work space at home because it’ll help build a routine and signal that you’re in work mode. If you don’t have a workstation yet, now is the time to invest in a space that will help you be as productive as possible. If you already have a workstation at home, get creative with sprucing it up!

Some of our workstation must haves are: standing desk, erg-friendly desk chair, water bottle, notebook and pens, a fragrant candle, and a few potted houseplants (check out some of our go-to’s below).

Get some fresh air 

In many cases, we’re gaining a little extra time on the front and back end of our day so why not dedicate that time to a light workout or walk? Depending on what your schedule allows, we recommend a short mid-morning and late-afternoon walk to help clear your head and get in those steps. 

Fight the urge to multi-task 

This may seem like a convenient time to catch up on chores around the house, but that can be a slippery slope. We recommend setting aside time in the morning or evening to do dishes, laundry, etc so those chores don’t creep into your workday. 

Stay connected to loved ones

The abrupt change in environment can be a little disorienting so make sure to check in with coworkers and loved ones via phone and text. Make it a point to phone your work bestie to see how she/he is faring at home or checking in with your parents to see if they need anything.

Shop plants for your workspace:

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