Winter Plant Care Tips

Brr… it’s cold out there! As the weather cools down, and you turn up the heat in your home, don’t forget to pay extra attention to your plant babies. Follow these tips to keep your indoor plants happy and thriving in the winter months. 


In the winter, it’s particularly important to check more than just the top of the soil in your plants before watering. Some plants need to totally dry out before being watered again, so poke a stick or your finger into the soil a few inches deep to see if the soil is dry. Rather than watering all of your plants at once on a schedule, check on each of your plants individually to see if they are ready to be watered. Read up on your plants’ specific watering needs in our Plant Care Center.


Fluctuating temps can stress your plants out, so make sure to keep them away from windows with a cold draft, or heating units and radiators which will dry the plant out quicker.   


The days are shorter and your plants will be getting less sunlight. Help them out by placing them near a window that gets natural light, and rotating them every few days so that all sides of the plant get an even amount of sunlight. If you live in a place that gets particularly dark during the winter, you may consider investing in some grow lights to allow your plants to keep growing despite the darker days.  


Notice how your skin feels drier in the winter and you find yourself reaching for your moisturizer more? Your plants will be feeling the same thing. During the cold months the air gets very dry, and if you crank up the heat indoors the air is sure to be even drier. Make sure your plants don’t suffer by using a humidifier to add a bit of moisture back to the air. You, and your plants, will both benefit from it!