Winter Plant Care: Light & Sun

As we move into winter, a time of deep rest and slow down of time, our plants become dormant and suspend growth. How we care for them during this time will help ensure they will be strong and grow in spring.

This is a three part series as we dive into Winter Plant Care. This is our second part in the series and we are talking about Light & Sun. Be sure to check out our previous post regarding Watering & Pruning. 

Winter Sun

Not only do we have shorter days during the winter months, but the sun slips lower in the sky which drops light levels near the windows. 

In inadequate lighting situations, plants can grow leggy, which is when plants are stretching for sunlight to produce important plant sugars. This results in overly tall, spindly plants that will flop over and not be sustainable. 

Be sure to check on the light requirements of your plant in our plant care guide to adjust for the proper light before making adjustments.

Moving Plants 

If your plants have been growing near a sunny eastern or northern window in summer it will need to be moved to a southern or western area in winter. Likewise, plants near western or southern windows that need filtered light in summer may be able to withstand direct sun in winter due to the limited amount of light and weakened sun rays. 

Be sure to give your windows a good cleaning to allow for maximum light transmission. 

If you’re placing your plants near the window, make sure they’re not up against the cold glass or catching any drafts from a window. This can dry out plants or make them freeze.

Artificial Lighting 

A popular route many plant lovers take is to provide artificial lighting for their plants to help them thrive.

Some artificial lighting sources to consider are: 

  • Fluorescent Lighting – they’re more economically friendly than traditional grow lights and produce less heat, while also providing adequate lighting for your plants.
  • LED Grow Light Bulb – many LED grow light bulbs are 20w and provide full-spectrum power for your plants. This could easily be set up with a spare lamp stand swapping out the bulb. 

Stay tuned for our next Winter Plant Care post where we will be discussing Humidity and Temperature.