Spring Plant Care Tips

Spring is here and your indoor plants are ready to thrive! It’s the beginning of the growing season and after the cold winter weather your plants are ready for some TLC. Here are some tips to help your plants as the seasons change. 


With these longer Spring days, you might notice that the sunlight is a little different in your space. During the Winter, you may have moved your plants as close as possible to available sunlight. Now’s the time to double-check the light preferences for your plants, and move them to a new spot if needed, so that they’re still getting the right amount of light. Plants that aren’t suited for direct sunlight should be moved to a spot that gets indirect light to avoid leaf scorch.

Dust + Prune

Dust and prune your plants so they can stay happy and healthy this season. Wipe your plants’ leaves regularly with a damp cloth. Then, trim any dead or yellowing leaves with a pair of clean scissors or pruning shears so that your plant can send all of its energy to the healthiest leaves. 


You might have pulled back on watering during the Winter, but with the increase in temperature and daylight hours your plants may need to be watered more frequently. Since sun and heat will cause water to evaporate from the soil quicker, try giving your plants a drink of water in the early morning or early evening when the sun is less bright. As always, check your plant’s specific watering needs and be sure not to overwater. 


Spring is the best time to repot your houseplants! New potting mix will give your plants fresh nutrients and allow them to keep growing. If your plant has outgrown her current pot and the roots have become crowded and compacted, she’s ready for a larger planter. If your plant doesn’t need to be potted up, it’s still a good time to refresh the soil. Check out this post for our how-to guide on repotting. 


Give your plants some extra nutrients to help them thrive during the growing season. Use organic liquid fertilizer and dilute it a bit more than recommended on the package instructions. Note that fertilizer should be used sparingly and never in fresh soil. If you’ve decided to repot your plant this Spring, the new potting mix won’t need any additional fertilizer.


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