Spooky Greenery

We have goblins and witches, skulls and jack-o-lanterns. What else is missing? Dark and moody houseplants that help set the mood and can be enjoyed year round!

We’ve rounded up our favorite unique plants that will bring a bit of drama to your seasonal styling. Incorporate a few decorative elements and you’ll take your spooky celebration to the next level. 


Dark purple underleaf foliage and dramatic painted patterns make our Calathea Medallion a truly spellbinding plant.

Rubber Tree

The dark leaves of Rubber Trees look almost forbidden, reminiscent of a haunted forest.

Rojo Congo Philodendron

It’s as if the Rojo Congo was magical with her dark foliage that starts off as copper-red, then turns to a deep emerald green with age.

Rattlesnake Calathea

Medusa herself may have created these beauties with scale-like patterns on contrasting green leaves with a dark underside.

Snake Plants

With their slithering leaves, Snake Plants create dramatic shadows and conjure images of entranced snakes.

Red Dragon Tree

Conjuring up images of fire under a cauldron, the Red Dragon Trees add some flare to dark decorations. 

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