Spooky Greenery

These dark and moody plants will bring a bit of drama to your seasonal styling. Incorporate a few decorative elements and you’ll take your spooky celebration to the next level.


Dark purple underleaf foliage and dramatic painted patterns make our Calatheas truly spellbinding plants.

Rubber Tree

The dark leaves of Rubber Trees look almost forbidden, reminiscent of a haunted forest.


Conjuring up images of fire under a cauldron, our assortment of Crotons will add some flare to dark decorations. 

Snake Plants

With their slithering leaves, Snake Plants create dramatic shadows and conjure images of entranced snakes.

Rojo Congo Philodendron

It’s as if the Rojo Congo was magical with her dark foliage that starts off as copper-red, then turns to a deep emerald green with age.

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