Pets & Plants

Has this happened to you? You see a plant at the nursery, fall in love, start thinking of where it can go in your home, but then you remember your most important housemate, your pet! Pets and plants go hand in hand in bringing us joy in life, however it’s important to find plants that can safely coexist with our fur babies. 

Most plants can pose a problem for pets if ingested. The good news is, the majority of the time it’s a temporary discomfort. 

If your heart is set on non pet-friendly plants, it is important to consider the accessibility of the plant to your pet. If you have small dogs, one solution is to place your plant on a plant stand and diligently cut  back any leaves that your pet can reach. 

On the other hand, if you have big dogs that can reach everything, and chew on anything, you may try placing your plants higher on a countertop to ensure that they are well out of reach. 

However, when it comes to our feline friends, we know they can reach everything, so finding plants that are non-toxic is the best course of action. Luckily, plenty of beautiful, leafy plants are pet-friendly as well! So go ahead and bring life into your home, and keep your furry friends safe and happy at the same time.

Here are our top picks:

Bird’s Nest Fern

A tropical houseplant with fun unique wavy fronds that can remind you of a seaweed growing on land. This is a very forgiving plant that can tolerate soil being dried out from time to time. She’s the perfect plant for busy plant and pet parents.

Blue Star Fern

This playful plant is great to enjoy year round. Requiring only moderate lighting and watering, she’s low maintenance, which allows you to focus on your furry companion.


With plum patterned leaves that look they were painted on, this plant can add a nice pop of art to your space. 

Freddie Calathea

The long striped green leaves will give your space a pop of pattern. 

Green Gold Peperomia  

This plant is the perfect added accessory to any space and is very low maintenance. It doesn’t take much for her to thrive. 


Bring the tropical and beach vibes into your space with this tall and graceful beauty. 


This plant brings a smile to anyone who sets their eyes on her fun round leaves. This plant is low maintenance like her sister, the Green Gold peperomia. 

Rattlesnake Calathea  

Bringing in both features of  the Calathea and the Freddie Calathea, the leaves of this beauty feature a purple under leaf and patterned top that can add a pop of color and pattern to your space. 

Zebra Plant

This plant needs extra love and care just like your pets. So to maintain her beauty be sure to give her just the right amount of light and water. Not too much and not too little. 

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