Meet the Anthurium

The Anthurium, a Greece name which translates to Tail Flower is one of our most popular plants, and for good reason! Learn more about this beloved beauty.

About the plant

The Anthurium originates from the rain forests of Colombia, Guatemala, and the Amazon region in Brazil. The plant grows as an epiphyte in its natural environment, which means it grows in and on trees, but doesn’t draw too many nutrients from the tree. The moisture and nutrients required for the plant’s growth are absorbed from the air, rain, or debris accumulating around it.

The Anthurium’s signature heart-shaped waxy bloom is not a flower but a spathe or shield-like leaf. Its function is to protect the spadix, the tail-like tube containing several tiny flowers when in bloom.

Plant Care 

With her low-maintenance care schedule and blooms that can last for months, Anthuriums are a great choice for gift gifting and novice plant owners. 

She can tolerate all levels of indirect light, however, low light will result in fewer blooms and slower growth. Make sure to keep the plant out of direct light as this can burn her leaves. 

The Anthurium prefers a coarse, well-draining potting mix. An orchid mix with additional sand and peat moss mixed in makes a perfect potting mix that mimics her natural habitat and will allow her to thrive. 

This plant prefers high humidity and temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In dry climates—or during dry months of winter—mist the plant daily to keep humidity levels high, or use a humidifier.

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