How To Repot Your Plant

What You’ll Need:

Your houseplant
A planter
Fresh potting mix + a small trowel
Newspaper or kraft paper to cover your surface
A watering can

Be sure to water your plant thoroughly a day before repotting so that it’s hydrated.

Step 1:

Remove the plant from its original pot by turning it sideways, holding it gently by the stems, and tapping the bottom of the pot until the plant slides out. Loosen up the compacted soil and gently spread out the roots.

Step 2:

If you’re using a planter that doesn’t have drainage holes, add a layer of lava rocks to the bottom to promote drainage. Then pour a layer of fresh potting mix into the planter and pack it down.


Step 3:

Put the plant into the planter and add more potting mix to the top and to the sides so that the plant is centered and secure. Press the soil down gently so it is compact.


Step 4:

Water lightly and you’re done.