How to Prune and Trim Your Houseplants

Pruning and trimming is not only essential for maintaining the health of your indoor plants, but it also helps them look their best. From removing dead leaves to promoting growth for the plant, here are some of the benefits of pruning your indoor plants and how to do it.

The benefits of pruning

If a leaf has turned brown or yellow, it’s no longer growing and is draining nutrients and energy from the rest of the plant. Trimming dead or dying leaves will ensure that your plant keeps growing. It’s also a good idea to trim away any dead leaves that have dropped so they don’t rot in the soil, which could cause root rot or other issues with your plant’s health. If you have a blooming houseplant, pruning can also help the plant produce more flowers. An added benefit is that once you’ve pruned your plant, it will instantly look healthier and more lively!

How to prune and trim your plants

  1. Always start with a clean pair of scissors or shears. Depending on the thickness of your plant’s stems and branches, you can decide whether to use kitchen scissors or pruning shears.
  2. Identify the problematic leaves that need to go.
  3. To remove the dead leaves, cut at an angle just above the leaf stem.
  4. For flowering houseplants, remove the dead blooms by snipping them off as close to the main stem as possible.
  5. To encourage new growth, cut just before a leaf node.

After you have clipped off all the dead leaves, this is a good time to check for pests or any other weeds sticking out from the soil surface. If you do see anything undesirable, remove it!

How to trim brown leaf tips

If your plant’s leaves are just starting to brown at the tips – less than half the leaf is brown and crispy – then you can simply trim that part off rather than removing the whole leaf.

  1. Disinfect and wipe off your scissors or shears.
  2. Following the leaf’s organic shape, carefully trim just the brown part of the leaf, leaving the healthy green part of the leaf in tact.

Pruning your plants is a great way to keep them strong and healthy. Incorporate it into your plant care routine help your plants thrive!