How to Care for your Plants While You’re on Vacay

If you’re going away for about a week…

Cluster your plants

Move your plants to a spot that’s not getting too much sunlight. Grouping them together will help keep the humidity and moisture up so your plants won’t dry out as quickly. Then water your plants just before you leave.

If you’re going away for longer than a week…

Get a sitter

It’s best to find a plant sitter to tend to your plants while you’re away. Have a friend or neighbor come water your plant babies while you’re gone. Give them instructions about how much water each plant needs and how often. 

Set up a wick

Another option is to set up a DIY self-watering wick that will “water” your plants while you’re away. Fill a container with water and set it next to your plant. For your wick, cut pieces of garden twine, thick yarn, or natural-fiber rope and soak the pieces in water. Place one end of the wick in your container of water (make sure it reaches the bottom), and stick the other end about 3 inches deep into the soil of your plant. If your container of water is large enough, you can use multiple wicks to water a group of plants. As the soil of the plant dries out, water will travel up the wick so your plant stays hydrated while you’re on vacation.

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