Home Tour: Emily Sanchez’s Classy Casita

Our Home Tour series features some of our favorite bloggers and Instagrammers and their stylish homes. Keep reading to get inspired.

Name: Emily Sanchez, @classycasita

Location: San Diego, California

How would you describe your home decor style?

I would describe my home decor style as cozy boho with a touch of Scandinavian.

Do you have a favorite spot in your home? Tell us about it. 

My favorite spot in my home would have to be my living room. I love the open concept in my home because the moment you walk in you are welcomed into the living room and have a view of everything. I also keep some of my favorite plants here and it really helps make the space feel cozy and well put together.

We’re obsessed with how you’ve integrated a variety of plants inside and outside your home. How did you start your plant collection?

I started my plant collection how many others probably do and that is with succulents and cacti. I then really wanted to get a Fiddle Leaf fig because they were extremely popular at the time and so that because my first big girl plant. From there I did my research and wanted to start collecting low maintenance plants so I could slowly learn the ways of plant care so I purchased pothos, snakes plants, and then eventually got my first Monstera Deliciosa.

How many houseplants do you currently have? Do you have any favorites? 

I have about 60 houseplants at the moment! My favorites are always changing but at the moment it would have to be my new Ansel & Ivy plants which are my Rojo Congo Philodendron and my Yellow Rubber Tree.

What advice do you have for people looking to incorporate plants into a smaller space? 

What I would suggest is to think of new creative ways to display a plant compared to the typical which would be on shelves or tables. When dealing with a small space you probably have limited display space or floor space so what I would do is keep the floor space open for any large plants, and smaller ones can be displayed on the shelves, tables, and even window sills. You can then get creative with trailing plants by placing them above kitchen cabinets, above a fridge, or on a ceiling hook. My ultimate favorite is having a shower plant because it doesn’t take any space away from your bathroom and makes it look tropical and gives the space vacation vibes. I myself keep a large trailing pothos in my shower and it loves the humidity!

Tell us your number one rule for styling plants in your home. 

My number 1 rule would have to be to buy the plant that gave you some sort of peaceful or happy feeling when you saw it at the plant shop. If it gave you a good feeling when it was at the plant shop, then it will most definitely bring happiness into your home!

To get more of Emily’s home styling tips, you can find her on Instagram.

Get the look:

Kiwi Succulent
Rojo Congo Philodendron