Home Tour: Kamille Magette’s Plant-Filled Abode

Our Home Tour series features some of our favorite bloggers and Instagrammers and their stylish homes. Keep reading to get inspired.

Name: Kamille Magette, @dreaming_of_decor

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Occupation: Content Creator, Interior Stylist and Interior Photographer

Tell us a little bit about your home. 

We live in a fairly new home in the desert outside Phoenix.  Most of the homes here are stucco. Ours is two stories and is a very light shade of pink on the outside. This is fitting since my favorite color to use inside is pink.

How would you describe your design style?

My design style I suppose would most be thought of as Boho. I don’t decorate with a particular style in mind, but I am drawn to modern and natural furniture and I love having plants in each room of my home. Having something that is living makes my home feel more alive.

Your home seems so serene and whimsical. Do you have a favorite spot? Tell us about it. 

Aww that is such a compliment because for me I tend to decorate to create a mood and not so much just a perfect arrangement of furniture. My favorite spot would probably be in my living room. I tend to spend my downtime relaxing, playing the piano, or having a latte in there. 

We’re obsessed with all the greenery in your home! How did you get into plants and what are some of your favorites?

Thank you, I am pretty obsessed with my plants too. I have always had a love for plants in the home. My grandmother had a magical sunlit small room with only plants and a piano. I used to spend so much time there. My grandfather was a gardener and that love for plants was passed down to my mom and her three sisters. I call them the original crazy plant ladies. My mom would be able to keep any plant alive and I remember her having huge beautiful ferns in the house. 

My favorite plant is a tough question as I honestly love them all for different reasons. Seeing them grow and thrive is so rewarding, I have a very large fig tree that has needed a lot of TLC so it could just be my favorite, his name is “Figgy smalls”.  I believe your fiddle leaf figs need a name, 

How many houseplants do you currently have?

I think I am at around 45. I have had up to 75 at one time counting small plants and cacti. 

What advice do you have for people looking to create an indoor jungle? 

Start with a couple easy to care for plants, I think the heartleaf philodendron is one of the most beautiful and easy to care for plants. They are lovely on a shelf or hanging. Another great plant for a new plant parent is the Snake Plant, or the ZZ Plant. They need little to no sunlight and will even produce little babies you can plant and start new ones.

We’ve seen your adorable kitties make an appearance in your Instagram pics – what are some of your tips for pet-parents when it comes to plants?

I would say that for the most part my cats don’t bother the plants or try to eat them. I do still check new plants before bringing them home to make sure they are not toxic to animals. The only other issue I have had with the cats and plants is that they tend to want to use the large pots as a litter box! To solve this problem I take packing tape and tape across the pot so they can’t get in it. It works great. 

Tell us your number one rule for styling plants in your home. 

I would say that my number one rule is keeping them aesthetically pleasing by using only a few pot colors. I try to stick with mostly white or terracotta. I do have a couple Rosewood pots from Ansel & Ivy that are my favorites. 

To check out more of Kamille’s work and cute kitties, you can find her on Instagram.

Get the look:

Yellow Rubber Tree
ZZ Plant