Home Tour: Christine Yun’s San Francisco Space

Our Home Tour series features some of our favorite bloggers and Instagrammers and their stylish homes. Keep reading to get inspired.

Name: Christine Yun, @trendenvy

Location: San Francisco, CA

Occupation: Sr. Global Merchandising & Marketing Manager

How would you describe your home decor style?

My home decor style is always evolving, but currently it’s modern boho.

We love how you bring life to each space with a variety of plants. How did you start your plant collection? 

I’ve always loved plants, but struggled to keep them alive in my old apartment due to lack of light. When my husband and I moved into our new home, it was important to have a surplus of natural light since we love leveraging plants as decor. We started with a few plants, and as our thumbs became greener we grew our plant collection to over 30! We have a plant in almost every room and I love how vibrant it makes each space.

What are some of your favorite spots in your home? 

I love our living room because it’s the most stylized and gets the best lighting since it has large 6′ bay windows. Ironically we’re in this room the least, so it’s become our sanctuary for when we need peace and quiet.

How did you get started in Interior Design? 

I studied Interior Architecture in college, but somehow ended up working in tech. I’ve always had an interest in interior design and decor, but it wasn’t until we bought our home that I finally had the means and space to decorate our space however we wanted. When the pandemic happened, friends and family kept asking me for interior design help, which led me to launch @studiodesignenvy a private interior design consulting service for clients who want my interior help.

What are the top three things you take into consideration when designing a space for a client? 

Style, mood, and budget.

Can you give our readers some pointers on how to incorporate plants into their homes?

Check how much light a plant needs, along with the type of humidity and temperature they thrive in. It’s important to ensure your plants are located in a space where they can naturally thrive. I always recommend snake plants and rubber trees to plant novices since they’re lower maintenance.

What is your number one rule when it comes to styling your home?

Keep it tidy! No matter how beautiful your place is, the minute clutter and mess builds the space will feel disorienting. I know this is hard (especially if you have kids) so if you can’t avoid the mess, try to keep a section in your home dedicated to mess and clutter so it’s not scattered throughout the home.

To get more of Christine’s style and home decor advice, you can find her on Instagram.

Get the look:

Yellow Rubber Tree
Fiddle-Leaf Fig