The Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve put together a list of our favorite plants for everyone on your list.



Get them a gift that maintains professionalism but still shows them that you appreciate their hard work. A low-maintenance plant will provide the perfect touch of greenery to their desk or office. 

Work BFF

Snake Plant

Show your work BFF that you appreciate them for keeping you sane especially during those endless Zoom meetings.  Give them a low-maintenance, air-purifying gift that will help bring some cheer to their home work space.


Warneckii Dracaena

Show your clients how much their belief in you and your work matters. Since it’s not always easy to know how much experience they have with plants, we’d recommend something low maintenance, but lovely.



For your original best friend that’s been there for you through it all – gift them something that’s as unique as your bond.

Children’s Teacher

Croton Petra

Your child’s teacher is a real life superhero, especially as they wrangle students this year during Zoom classes. Give them something that’ll brighten up their desk year round.


Rubber Tree

Whether they take it to work, or put it on their side of the bed, your partner will enjoy the unconventional foliage of this plant and think of you every time they see it.



Teach your niece or nephew about responsibility by getting them a small plant. They’ll love to name the plant, care for it, and watch it grow. And their parents will be happy you didn’t get them a puppy.


Philippine Evergreen

There’s nothing like catching up with your closest friends over some coffee or wine. Get them something that is lush and lively to remind them of all the fun times you’ve shared together.

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