Gifting Ideas From Our Co-Founders

Although the season of giving is around the corner, today we’re focusing on year-round gift-giving for all celebrations. Below are some questions we’ve received from customers asking for plant recommendations and we asked our co-founders Anum Tariq & Hiraa Khan for their take.

I want to celebrate my friend’s job promotion. What’s a good plant for her (home) office?


“A new job is always an exciting time for a loved one! It’s an opportunity for them to learn and grow in a new and often exciting environment. For this occasion, I’d recommend gifting a medium Philippine Evergreen. The Philippine Evergreen is a low maintenance plant with long lush leaves that are reminiscent of a tropical vacation. Your friend will love having this bit of lively greenery in their space while they’re busy putting in long hours in a new role.”

My sister just closed on her first home, any recommendations for a home with limited light?

Anum Says:

“You can’t go wrong with a large ZZ Plant! It’s a highly adaptable plant so your sister will be able to put it in any room of her new house. It’ll look great when placed directly on the ground, but I would recommend placing it on a small stool or plant stand to elevate the plant a little higher. Plus, even the most novice plant parent will be able to watch this stunning plant thrive and grow.”

I want to show my appreciation for all the work my children’s teachers have done this year. What’s a plant that matches their enthusiasm and joy for teaching? 

Hiraa Says:

“The vibrant, primary colors of our Croton Petra remind me of grade school. It would add the sweetest touch to a classroom and would definitely brighten any teacher’s day.”

My friend is new to plants, what should I send him?

Anum Says:

“A Snake Plant is my go-to gift for plant newbies. They’re basically indestructible even if you sometimes forget to water them, but will actually grow really quickly with the proper care. It’s kind of like a gateway plant – they’re so easy but make such a statement that your friend will realize he needs even more greenery in his space!”

I’m hosting a baby shower and want to give favors to my closest friends for all their help and am having a hard time choosing.

Hiraa Says:

“The small Yellow Rubber Tree in our signature rosewood or seafoam pots would be the cutest surprise for your best girlfriends. The pastel tones in the variegated leaves make the plant an adorable match for the occasion.”

What’s a good plant to send to a newlywed couple?

Anum Says:

“I love our sophisticated new Grey Star Calathea as a gift for the newlyweds. The unique foliage feels like the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.”

What are some plants I can send to share my condolences?

Hiraa Says:

“The Peace Lily is the ideal choice to send someone who has recently lost a loved one. The white flowers it bears resemble a traditional bouquet but since this plant is low maintenance, it’ll be a lasting reminder of your love and support.”

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