Get Your Plants Fall-Ready

As the last hints of Summer fade away and the crisp autumn air takes its place, it’s time to prepare your houseplants for the season ahead. Here’s our guide on how to keep your plants healthy and happy as the days get shorter and cooler. 

Vacation is Over

If your houseplants have been taking a vacation outside during Spring and Summer, it’s time to bring them inside. It’s important to do this before the temperature drops below 55F degrees. Before bringing them inside, make sure you’re not bringing any unwanted guests like insects. Give each plant a thorough examination of both sides of the leaves, stem, and the soil. It’s important to remove any dead leaves and debris to not create an environment for mold or insects. 

Create the Right Space

It’s important to take stock of the houseplants you have and figure out the unique lighting and humidity needs for each plant. Our plant guides provide you with detailed information for lighting and temperature needs for each individual plant. With shorter days, the amount and extent of sunlight reaching parts of your home will change as well. In addition to lighting, it’s important to check the temperature and humidity of each area. Make note of which plants have similar requirements and try grouping them together. To increase humidity try misting your plants daily and placing a humidifier near the plants. 

Water Less

As the weather cools and your plants get less sunlight, they will most likely need to be watered less often than in the warm Summer months. Be sure to check your plants’ soil and make sure you don’t overwater them.

Repot if Needed

Although it’s best to repot your plants in Spring, your plant may have gone through a big growth spurt recently. Check to see if any roots are starting to show, and if so, now is the time to repot your plant to give the roots space for the upcoming months. Follow our guide on how to repot your plants here.

Prune + Trim 

Remove any dead or dying leaves from your plants. Using sterile scissors or shears, cut brown and yellow leaves at the base, near the stem or at the soil. This will allow your plant to send all of its nutrients to the healthiest leaves.

Enjoy Them

As the weather changes in the coming months and we spend more time indoors, our plants help us filter the air and provide a connection to nature to help keep our spirits up. Now’s the time to add some mood-boosting greenery to your home!

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