Plants Make The Perfect Corporate Gift

At Ansel & Ivy, we’ve been working with managers and leaders across various organizations to help them gift their team members the perfect gift—plants! The response from gift-givers as well as their recipients has been overwhelming. Unsurprisingly, people are thrilled to add some greenery to their homes, especially during a time when they’re spending a bit more time indoors. 

Aside from their beauty, potted plants are a great alternative to traditional gifts for a variety of reasons: 

Increase Productivity 

With so many things fighting for our attention these days, plants have shown to boost creativity and increase productivity. Psychologists have found that, in addition to increasing oxygen in indoor spaces, having plants in your workspace can improve and increase productivity by up to 15%.

Mood Boosting 

Plants can brighten up a space instantly, and studies have shown that the more humans are surrounded by nature, the happier and calmer they are. We offer a variety of low-maintenance plants that will allow any of your gift recipients to reap the benefits of having live plants in their space, greenthumb or not. 

Thoughtful & Long Lasting

Common gifts like flowers and candy are nice, but they don’t last long. For the same investment, plants are a welcomed gift that last. As they grow over time they will always serve as a reminder to your recipients of your thoughtfulness. We offer a wide variety of plants so you can find the right look and style for just anyone. Also, our signature pot colors allow you to further personalize your gift for the recipient. 

Corporate Gifting Made Easy 

Corporate gifting has never been easier with Ansel & Ivy. Simply fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you to help you choose the best plants for your recipients.

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